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Graham Knight


Graham Knight has worked in the financial sector since leaving Exeter University in 1975.  He began his career with a large retail bank, spending time in various departments and subsidiaries where he gained experience in relationship management, mortgage approvals, hire purchase and leasing before he was posted overseas, initially to France.

In 1984, Graham moved to a Swiss financial institution and was assigned to its Emerging Markets Division.  For the next 12 years he specialised in sub-Saharan Africa where he worked on the region’s first privatisation, the first commercial bond issue outside South Africa, commodity pre-financing, project lending in the oil and energy sector and several corporate restructuring projects.

On his return to the United Kingdom in 1997 and after reading for a degree in English and French Law, he joined a London-based private equity fund where he worked until 2011.  As well as his work for Baird Partners, Graham is a director of an oilfield services company.  He is bilingual in French and fluent in Italian and Russian.

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